Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Firestone Lake Charles Federal Credit Union

Our privacy policy has been established to maintain and protect the security and confidentiality of your personal financial information.

Firestone LC Federal Credit Union collects and retains only personal information necessary to conduct our business and provide competitive products and services to our members. This information is collected from membership cards, applications submitted, transaction history (for deposits, loans, etc.) and from consumer reporting agencies.

This information helps us:

  1. To establish and administer your accounts (to protect your accounts from fraud)
  2. To satisfy certain regularity requirements (the IRS requires SS numbers)
  3. To assist us in understanding you better, so we may provide additional or improved products or services (for example: information regarding your credit history and assets would be necessary to determine if you qualify for a loan)

Firestone Lake Charles Federal Credit Union will protect your personal information. Access to your personal information is limited to employees or board members with specific reason for utilizing this data.

We do not share the nonpublic information of our current members or previous members and non-member customers with affiliates of non-affiliated third parties except as permitted or required by law.